Good advice for little money

Membership fees

As a member, you benefit from the following advantages

  • You can get advice at one of our nine MhM legal advice offices immediately after joining without waiting.

  • You will be assisted by 40 experienced lawyers who are well versed in tenancy law.

  • They strengthen the lobby of Hamburg's tenants because Mieter helfen Mietern (= tenants help tenants) advocates a tenant-friendly housing policy through public relations and committee work.

  • You decide whether you would like to take out additional legal expenses insurance for 35 € without deductible.

  • Extrajudicial advice is included in the membership fee. If a trial is unavoidable, it pays off to take out legal costs insurance in good times. In this way, you can assert your rights in court free of charge in an emergency.

Find out more about the conditions of legal protection and our statute.

Our annual subscriptions


42 On low income

  • MhM Membership
  • Basic package included
  • No admission fee
  • Proof of income required
  • Legal protection for 35 € extra
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Carefree membership

105 All-round protection

  • Basic package included
  • 15 € admission fee
  • With legal expenses insurance
  • Legal protection without deductible
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Pure membership

70 The basic package

  • No waiting period, consultation from date of accession
  • Consultation in your area without registration
  • 15 € admission fee
  • Online consultation immediately
  • Right telephone daily
  • Individual appointments with the MhM team
  • Correspondence with your landlord
  • Magazine Mietraum by mail
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Premium reductions/special tariffs

  • ALG II and basic benefit recipients can become members for an annual contribution of 42 €. It may also be possible for the Hamburg social welfare authority to pay the costs, which is based on the cooperation agreement between MhM and the Authority for Labour, Social Affairs, Family and Integration. Please ask the responsible person at your service provider.

  • Students and trainees can take out a two-month short-term membership at the MhM Head Office, Bartelsstraße 30 for 35 €. Payment of this fee is exclusively in cash and on-site.

  • Heirs can take out an annual membership for 65 €. This membership ends automatically after 12 months. This period is usually sufficient to settle an inherited tenancy.

Special tariffs


65 Membership of heirs

  • Basic package included
  • without process cost protection
  • Membership 12 months
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Membership of public authorities

0 Cost absorption by social authorities

  • Notice from social authorities necessary
  • Basic package included
  • without process cost protection
  • Membership 12 months
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Students and trainees

35 Short membership

  • Short membership 2 months
  • Basic package included
  • without process cost protection
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