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Friday, 28.01.2022


MhM is there for you with a wide range of advice. Members and tenants who join us have access to the entire range of advice.

Due to the Corona pandemic we ask for all counselling offers
to make a prior appointment on 040 431 394-0

The MhM headquarters is opened again, but due to the pandemic a prior appointment is necessary. The counselling takes place via telephone or videocall. The cousellation cenetrs are closed until the end of january. If you visit our headquartesr please wear a medical mask an keep istance.

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Counselling centres

If you have any questions regarding tenancy law, you are best advised to visit one of our advice centres. Let our tenancy law lawyers advise you on site during our office hours.

Non-members can join directly on site.

Legal phone

The legal phone is switched on for you every day at the times specified. It is suitable for simple questions that do not require a review of correspondence, photos or documents.

Please have your membership number ready.

Online consultation

Our online consultation is well suited for simple questions. You can also attach correspondence here. We will respond promptly and comprehensively.

Please state your telephone number here.

Individual appointment

Do you have a special topic or would you like a detailed consultation? In a confidential conversation we will take the time for your request.

If necessary, further appointments can follow.



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